Our history

Neamine was born in June 2021 under the name of MiNEO in a student framework because its founders Thomas Delhon and Thomas Artigau were still students at the end of 2nd year of engineering school (equivalent of master 1st year). This student framework enabled the project to develop via integrated projects during the last year of studies of its founders: master's project, space mission design project, business strategy project are examples of projects integrated into the final year course at IPSA, and where Neamine was able to mature.

As soon as Neamine was born, the objective was already clear: to take this project beyond the student framework by creating the startup Neamine. This is why in September 2021 the founders Thomas Delhon and Thomas Artigau obtained the national student entrepreneur status (SNEE) within the PEPITE PEIPS, the network of student entrepreneurs in the Paris-Saclay area. Next, Neamine was able to participate in several competitions such as the competition Newspace Booster organised by the Paris-Saclay Hardware Accelerator, or even the challenge " Petit Poucet where the project was able to win the "young entrepreneur of the year 2022" prize, thus benefiting from an initial endowment and the support of Sebastien Forest, business angel and founder ofAlloResto known nowadays under the name JustEat.

Photo of the two co-founders following the "young entrepreneur of the year" prize won during the Petit Poucet competition. Neamine was then called MiNEO.