Our project

Our goal is to exploit metallic Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) to respond to the global demand for rare metals such as PGMs (Platinum Group Metals) and Rare Earths. NEAs are celestial bodies ranging in size from one meter to several kilometers in diameter that evolve near the Earth. Indeed, their orbit around the sun may cross the Earth one, which makes them the most observed asteroids from the ground because some of them could one day represent a threat to our planet. Today more than 28,000 NEAs have been identified and 5% of them are metallic.

Before the asteroid mining, few prerequisites

Before going to mine our target asteroid, we will go through a few prerequisites: first, we will need to analyze the NEAs from Earth to determine which ones are the most promising. To do this, we will rely on public data listed in particular on the website of the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) of NASA, or on the website of Asterank, which will allow us to select the most interesting asteroids to observe. Once this first selection will be made, a deep spectrometric study on each of them will finally allow us to choose up to 5 asteroids.

At the end of this first selection, the objective will be to analyze these promising asteroids "in situ" to recover a large amount of information that will allow us to choose the only asteroid that will be mined. The technologies that we will develop to achieve this will be for a significant part technologies that we will invent and develop, which will allow us to posses numerous patents.

Our goal : the asteroid mining

After having chosen our target, and after having developed the technology necessary for our ambition, we will send a probe to the targeted asteroid which will allow us to exploit it and make this exploitation profitable by having a continuous return of resources to Earth. 

Our probe will be equipped with technologies making it possible to move on the asteroid to choose the best mining sites, as well as to sort a large part of the metals mined on the asteroid.

Even if it is not our main objective, we do not exclude the idea of mining the ice water present on the asteroids. This exploitation would allow the transformation of this ice into liquid hydrogen and oxygen, used by many spacecraft, and therefore allow scientific and private missions to consider distant and energetically expensive destinations.